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From a tremendous history that marks iconic empires along thousands of years, to a melting pot culture that joins all what is humanly made. Morocco stands to be a must-to-see destination, due to the outstanding tours advantages it provides for travellers.

Enchanted Morocco Tours has been created to meet travellers needs in terms of trip organisation and travel associated enquiries. Our mission stands at offering multiple-days tours, excursions, and day trips starting from Marrakech, Casablanca or Fes.

Our company is led by a professional team engaged with the passion of travelling, tailor-made tours, discovery and the love of sharing Morocco's vibrant destinations with foreign guests. We are ready to please you by providing assistance on your travelling plans till you are fully satisfied.

Our aim is to let you enjoy Morocco’s fabulous landscapes from the Atlas Mountains, the valleys and the Sahara desert, as well as immersing into the imperial cities of Marrakech, Rabat and Fes. Your journey involves discovering fortresses and remote areas from the desert and the Atlas without missing the enchanting coastal of Essaouira and Agadir.

Enchanted Morocco Tours works to exceed your expectations and fulfill your travel requests. Hence, our team is ready to respond to any of your queries and perform your bookings with us.

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